All type of event shall consider hiring security and cleaning personnel. The event manager, along with the applicable coordinators, may submit a proposal based on the type of event, move in date - event date - move out date, number of people, etc. The proposal is made based on the number of personnel in 8 hours shifts.

The cleaning service is exclusive of CINTERMEX and shall be contracted with our service provider. You may bring your own security personnel or they may be from a company, which was previously authorized by our Security Manager.

Security personnel in the premises

The main objective of the security personnel in CINTERMEX, is:

  • To care for the wellbeing of the premises
  • Offer support and orientation to the attendees of the building

Likewise, drills are programmed according to the Regulation of the State Civil Protection; our staff is trained continuously with seminars regarding the use of fire-fighting equipment, as well as first aid, evacuation, search and rescue.

Cleanliness in the premises

We collect trash in containers located in the Conventions and Exhibitions loading and unloading area; we also have different types of containers and ashtrays, which are distributed in the common areas of the premises.

200 liters trash cans are for exclusive use in exhibitions. The containers for hazardous waste, paper trash cans and caution cones (wet floor) shall be at the discretion of the cleaning staff.