If you are about to celebrate an important event and you need a hall or garden, excellent food and beverage service, specialist in decoration, lightning, music, photography and furniture...welcome to CINTERMEX Social.

Our team can give you advice in every step of the way to carry out your event.


Wedding | Sweet fifteen | Bridal Shower | Baby shower | Christening | First Communion | Anniversary | Many more


In CINTERMEX and Fundidora Park, we have interior and exterior spaces with spectacular views and industrial archaeology.


La Silla ball room | Nave Lewis | Sopladores Esplanade | Sopladores Pavillion


Furthermore, our allied specialists are ready to offer you a quality service so that your event is what you always desired. Click here to visit the Professional service & options directory.

Email: social@cintermex.com

Phone. 81 8369 6908

Cel/WhatsApp: 811 414 14 70

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